Coffee & Cancer is a new Support Group hosted by Willmar Regional Cancer Center open to anyone diagnosed with cancer, any stage, any age! We will be meeting the third Monday of every month starting on September  18th! Each meeting will be at LuLu beans Coffee Shop in Willmar from 6:00PM – 7:30PM.

This group will be facilitated by two of our Care Coordinators, Rachel and Juliana, along with husband and wife, David and Christa Rivers. Through his own cancer journey, David has experienced the whole range of emotions – not wanting to talk about it, not wanting to be classified as a “cancer patient” and then later on, a “cancer survivor.” Fast forward to now, when he can open up and find those connections and build friendships with others who have gone through similar experiences.

Coffee and Cancer focuses on building those connections and friendships. Knowing everybody in the room has at least one thing in common to tie you together -cancer- can make it easier to open up, share, cry, and laugh. In the relaxed LuLu Beans environment, our facilitators will make sure nobody is forced to share more than they are comfortable with.

If you have any questions please call Rachel at 320.231.4479 or Juliana at 320.231.4421. We hope to see you there!